Choose a Quality Company

Choosing a quality can be the difference between a successful event and a complete nightmare. Make sure you find an agency that's best suited for your event, not every agency is right for every customer. Please give us a call to gain more information about our entertainers and services.


Reserve In Advance

We suggest that you reserve your entertainers as soon as possible. Our entertainers schedules fill up quickly, their availability is on a first come first serve basis and it's not unusual for us to be completely booked on Weekends, so don't wait until the last minute to make your reservation book now and make any necessary changes later.


Make a Reservation

Call during business hours well walk you through the reservation process and answer any questions you have. If you receive a message when calling don't worry, that just means were on another line, it's best to hang up and call us back in a couple of minutes.


What We Require To Make a Reservation

All we need to make a reservation is your name, number; city and the date of the event, the rest of the information can be given to us as you finalize your plans. * There’s no credit card or deposit is necessary to make a reservation.


Choosing an Arrival Time For Your Dancers

* It's helpful but no necessary to have a window for the arrival time of your entertainers

* Inform us of any time constraints, reservations or plans that might affect your show time


When Making Your Reservation Provide Us The Following Information

*Back up contact for the night of the party (if possible)

*If your event is in a hotel we will need the name the room is reserved under and room number (if available).


Choose Your Entertainers

*Visit the photo section of our website and make a list of your favorite entertainers in order of preference. We recommend that you choose 3-6 entertainers depending on the number of dancers you are reserving.


Inform Your Guest

To prevent people from being offended let your party guest know ahead of time that there will be exotic entertainment at the party. Inform your guests of the show format and tipping etiquette, so they come prepared and have the opportunity to participate in the entertainers' activities. As the host of the party it's your responsibility to make sure everyone follows the entertainers rules and treats them with respect. Don't let your guest bring people you don't know and risk them ruining the party.


Provide a Stripper Friendly Environment

Make sure there's a suitable area for the entertainer to perform. There should be enough room for them to move around safely. All windows and doors visible from the outside should be covered. If you have hard floors such as tile or hardwood place a throw rug or some blankets down for padding. 


Be considerate of your entertainers. Smoke outside or in a room away from the dancers performance area.


Make sure there's suitable parking for the entertainers. If parking is an issue let us know ahead of time. 


Our entertainers often perform in hotels, if you're planning a hotel party keep in mind; location, accessibility, parking and security make sure the room is big enough for all of your party guest and the entertainers to perform their show. We recommend that you book a suite or joining rooms this provides more space, helps with the noise level and gives the dancers a private changing area. 

Public Places

With the exception of Strip o Grams, public places such as restaurants, clubs, bars and other types of business must be closed to the public or in a private room. All windows and doors should be covered; the person booking the show must have permission from the business owner for the entertainer to perform.



A party is only as good as the crowd's participation, play along with your entertainer; it keeps the energy of the party going. Be a positive host, set a good example by tipping, it's up to you to start things off, step up and have some fun, get a lap dance, play a game go for it and your party guests are sure to follow.


Tip Your Entertainers

Tipping your entertainer is essential all exotic dancers work for tips through out their show. This is industry standard, and all of our entertainers operate according to these standards. It's helpful to read our Female Show Descriptions or Male Show Descriptions to understand the show format and tipping etiquette. Make sure you inform your party guest, so they come prepared and have the opportunity to participate.


Respect Your Entertainer

To ensure a night of fun and lasting memories, it is imperative that you and your party guests treat the entertainers with respect and follow their rules! As the host, you want to make sure your party goes smoothly; it's your responsibility to keep your guests under control. Keep in mind that it only takes one person to ruin a good party. If anyone breaks the entertainers rules, is rude, disrespectful, cause pain, or behaves in an intimidating or threatening manner our entertainers will end the show and leave with no refunds given.



Our entertainers understand your event is a special occasion and they'll do everything they can to help make your party a success and exceed your expectations. If your entertainer makes a request, please be kind enough to respect their wishes trust them; they really do know what works best. 

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